Our industry has its own world of jargon and slang, and it can get confusing! Here’s a glossary of terms for clients, interns, people new to the industry or anyone who’s found themselves in a meeting and googling under the table.



The cue for the talent to begin their action.


AKA rough assembly, this is one of the first steps in the editing process, when an editor puts all the shots together. 

Call Sheet

A schedule which is sent out to all the cast and crew. It lets them know what time to arrive on set, what scenes they’re shooting and any special requirements.

Call Time

A call time is when you should arrive on set, as specified on the call sheet. In the film world we say – if you’re on time you’re late, and if you’re late you’re fired!

Colour Grade

This is when we make the images look beautiful, and is one of the final steps in the process. Just like when you filter your photos for Instagram and Facebook, grading is when we spice up the visuals. 

Content Map

This is a one-pager we give to clients to visually demonstrate what content we will deliver. This may include hero videos, stills, interviews, longer documentary-style pieces, stills, GIFS, event videography and more.


This is the cue for the cameras to stop rolling. 


This a daily compilation of all the raw footage we shoot in a day, which can be distributed for key personnel to review. 


This is the master list of what the client will receive at the end of a project. For example, 1 x 30-second video and 10 x GIFS. This is something we talk about a lot with our clients, and is super important to define clearly and in-depth before production starts.

Final Delivery

This is when we deliver all the final, edited content. The finish line!


We often refer to imagery or logos being ‘high-res’ enough. This is short for high-resolution, and ensures that a logo or image isn’t pixelated or blurry-looking in the final product. 

On The Day

A lot of people find this one confusing! This refers to the moment when we start shooting. During a camera set-up or rehearsal, people will use this term to be specific about when they want something to happen.

Picture Lock

AKA Final Cut, this is when we’ve finished editing the footage, and the client has given their approval. There’s no going back form here (without more time and money). We then add all the bells and whistles – the Colour Grade and Sound Mix. 


AKA prep or pre-pro, this is when all the organising happens. From contracts to health and safety plans, shot lists to casting, this phase encompasses everything that happens before the camera rolls.


This is when we weave everything together in the edit suite. Alongside editing, post-production includes the colour grade, sound mix, music, graphics, subtitles and animations.


Short for reconnaissance, a recce is when key crew and creatives scope out a location prior to filming. AKA location recce or tech recce.


The rushes are all the raw footage from the day’s shoot.


When shooting, you might hear “set” yelled out – this means the camera operator is ready for the action to begin. Or, it can mean the place the crew is filming – on set.


The shot is the image or frame you’re capturing in the camera.

Shot List

A list of all the shots, this helps the key creatives make sure they get what they need on a shoot day. Sometimes we may use an AV Script or Storyboard, depending on the project.

Sound Edit

This is when sound engineers work their magic and make everything sound amazing. They’ll edit, balance, mix and master. Good audio is key to any project.

Standing By

You might also hear “quiet on set” or “lock it down”. This means that we’re nearly ready to shoot, and everyone needs to stay quiet and be ready to roll.

Toolbox Talk

AKA Safety Briefing, this is when the crew gather for 5 minutes at the start of the day to run over health and safety notes.

Turn Over

This is the cue for the 1st Assistant Camera to start rolling the camera.


A single continuous recorded performance or sequence of action. On set you might hear someone say “we’re going for another take.”


This is a term used to describe the end of a shoot day. And that’s a wrap!

This post was written by Jack Barry and Miryam Jacobi, co-founders of 2113 Creatives. Keep up with them on Instagram – @jackbaz and @miryamjacobi.