“Two One One Three Creatives offers a rare value proposition – professionally trained actors who also have sharp technical skills and get how business works.

Combine these three and you get a one-stop shop which delivers killer content every time.  These guys are agile, flexible, and I would not hesitate to recommend their work.”

Peter Graczer, Sputnik

“I absolutely love taping with Miryam and Jack. Not only do they have a great set up, they also have an immense passion for the craft. Their hearts are truly in it for the right reason, and that is… to help you book the job!”

Aaron Jakubenko, Actor (The Shanara Chronicles, Neighbours, Roman Empire)

“I first approached Two One One Three Creatives to work with Auckland Theatre Company for the Digital Archive project. They proved invaluable to our process – from early development meetings, their project management skills made the process a breeze. Both Jack & Miryam’s consultation and creativity helped bring to life a series of dynamic and compelling videos, which not only fulfilled the brief – but also are an asset to ATC’s brand. Especially useful was their on-camera coaching and interviewing skills, which made the range of people involved in the videos confident, alive and vibrant on screen.”

Michael Adams, Auckland Theatre Company

“It should have been a disaster. But it was a most remarkable success, a compelling and moving short film – especially because of the strength of the two leads. I can confidently say that the strength and truthfulness of these performances are overwhelmingly due to Miryam’s remarkable work as an acting coach.

Miryam supported, taught and guided Jo and Julina in developing their characters, getting set-ready, and in keeping them focused and grounded in the lead-up to and between takes.

In rehearsal, Miryam worked through the script with the actors, finding appropriate images, memories, feelings, colours, sounds, tastes, relationships for each section. Working with Jack Barry, Miryam gave them a solid grounding on how the film set would run, what language would be used on set, so it wouldn’t be so unfamiliar.

On set, Miryam worked with both Jo and Julina before each scene, working through some meditation, focusing and grounding exercises.

I unreservedly recommend Miryam, I would work with her again in a heartbeat, and I greatly hope that we will have the opportunity to work together again soon.”

Michael Bennett, Writer, Producer, Director (Matariki, Cow, Kerosene Creek, Outrageous Fortune)

“We had the pleasure of working with Two One One Three Creatives to produce a short video outlining an idea to a potential funder. Miryam, Jack and Samuel were terrific to work with. Our internal feedback captures our response.

‘The overall format and storyline is absolutely great. Much more powerful than any 300-word text would be.  I like the end product where visual and spoken both play a role, and both tell the story… It will reach both those that are auditory oriented – who will pay more attention to the spoken words and those who are much more visually oriented and who pay much more attention to the visual graphics/picture than the words. Very clever directing, filming and editing altogether’.

As well as being very happy with the quality of the work,  we were also thrilled with the speed of the turnaround in the context of short notice and an imminent deadline! Great work all around.”
Charlie Moore, Community Waitakere