Jack & Miryam met at Toi Whakaari; New Zealand Drama School. They started 2113 Creatives in 2017, with the vision to combine the commercial and creative spaces for a more sustainable future.

About Jack

Jack doesn’t really believe in his star sign, but is always astounded when the Virgo horoscope is scarily accurate. Some his favourite films include The Pursuit of Happiness, Call Me By Your Name and anything shot by Roger Deakins (you’ll know his work).

As an actor, Jack has appeared in AMC’s Making of the Mob: Chicago, Screentime NZ’s Pike River – The Long Wait, In A FlashShortland Street and The Luminaries.

A self-taught filmmaker, he was the Director of Photography on Do You Like Me Like This? , Gentlewoman, My Boyfriend and Today’s The Day (My Wedding Day) and Disorder. Since starting 2113 Creatives, Jack has jumped at opportunities to develop video content with companies including Air New Zealand, TVNZ and television series The Gulf and Breckman Rodeo.

About Miryam

Miryam is a self-confessed choc-a-holic, and you’ll most likely find her with a notebook and wearing a leather jacket. Some of her favourite films include Ladybird, The Favourite, Romeo & Juliet and The Florida Project.

Miryam’s debut short film as writer-director, Do You Like Me Like This? had its world premiere at 2017’s Show Me Shorts Film Festival, followed by screenings Hollywood Short Film Festival,Vail Film Festival and IndieFest in 2018.

Miryam’s documentary, Disorder, received high praise from eating disorder specialists, film critics and those who have lived with the mental illness from all over the world. 

What’s in a name?

In the year 1995, a young family of three moved into a house in Papakura, South Auckland.
Many people came to this house; they would have tea and coffee, food and conversations.
It was often a place to rest their head.
They spoke of the incredible conversations they had. It was a place to work through problems, it gave them the courage to chase their dreams, and more often than not, they left feeling challenged.
Over the years, this little house transformed into a Whare Wananga (A place of higher learning).
The postal code for this house is 2113.
This is the house where Jack was raised.
This is the house where people grow.
This is the house where people challenge.
This is the house where people question.
This is the house where people risk.
This is the house where people believe.
This is why we are Two One One Three Creatives.