video productions

2113’s Film Production Glossary

Our industry has its own world of jargon and slang, and it can get confusing! Here’s a glossary of terms for clients, interns, people new to the industry or anyone who’s found themselves in a meeting and googling under the table.

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3 key do’s and don’ts for set life

Since 2015, I have been lucky enough to spend time on a lot of different sets, in many different roles. From Actor to Cinematographer, to Lighting Assist and Director, from 1st AD to Health and Safety. Over the course of the last few years, I have learnt some key do’s and don’t while working on set.

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Third Wheeling: 2113 Creatives

Sitting across from creative twosomes who are always bigger than the sum of their parts, Sarah Krieg yarns about how they met, their latest projects, and how they make the most of each other’s weaknesses.

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