What we do

We both film and produce video content to better promote your business and communicate the right message to your customer base. Our services were crafted to see your business succeed.

Our video production process begins with your story. By understanding your goals and needs we formulate a unique sensibility to better sell your business in a fresh, engaging and real way. Then we bring in our creative flair to the table; tailored, dynamic ideas that impress authenticity on the viewer. Choose from event videos, trailers, how to tutorials, interviews and more. If you’ve got something special in mind, contact us to discuss your project free of charge or read on to find out more about our video production services.

How we do it

Video is the future. There are no two ways about it.

Once we’ve established your needs, we set to work determining which of our video production services are best suited to telling your story. As industry specialists, we’re experienced in everything from brand videos and testimonials to trailers and event videos. We also offer Q and A style pieces, formal interviews, fundraising/pitching videos and how to’s. Get in touch to talk more about our video production services, your project, and for a free quote.


Two One One Three Creatives understands that all the important stuff needs to be done before the cameras roll. Acting and presentation skills are as important to professional video content as media software and editing suites. We offer private one-to-one coaching sessions, presentation skills workshops and on-camera coaching suitable for corporates, creatives and actors alike.

Acting and Presentation Skills

Miryam & Jack offer personalised workshops & coaching for corporates, creatives and actors alike. If you’re an actor in need of new inspiration or a businesswoman with nerves in front of the camera – we can help.

“It should have been a disaster. But it was a most remarkable success, a compelling and moving short film – especially because of the strength of the two leads. I can confidently say that the strength and truthfulness of these performances is overwhelmingly due to Miryam’s remarkable work as an acting coach.” Michael Barnett (Matariki, Cow, Kerosene Creek, Outrageous Fortune)

Self-taping for actors

Capture your full potential on camera with our support, coaching and direction. Our own background in acting has us well placed to draw on your own training, auditioning and cast room experiences. Once we’ve nailed it, we can provide an edited copy, relay the best takes to your agent or deliver the raw files straight to you.

Our general package is 45-minute sessions for $60, which includes shooting, coaching and acting. Plus, we provide the reader! Get in touch, and let’s get to work.

“I absolutely love taping with Miryam and Jack. Not only do they have a great set up, they also have an immense passion for the craft. Their hearts are truly in it for the right reason, and that is… to help you book the job!”

Aaron Jakubenko, Actor (The Shanara Chronicles, Neighbours, Roman Empire)

Video Production

Communicate your message clearly, concisely and creatively with our customised video production service. We believe that video is the most effective way to share your story — it’s the way of the future.

Check out our blog post: Why Video? 6 Reasons We Love Video Content.

What we offer

How-to videos
Instruct your viewer with a snappy, easy to grasp tutorial

Brand videos
Impress your business character and style with a stylised brand message

Present the facts from third parties with a canny, don’t take it from us approach

Event videos
Spark excitement and buzz within the build-up to your event

Fundraising + pitching videos
Gather support and put the word down with a sweeping, rallying message

Pick the best clips and set the scene for your movie or TV show

Q&A’s and formal interviews
Present topical discussions or prepare professionally for an interview