Do You Like Me Like This?


A girl is waiting for her bus in suburbia when a boy comes along. An unconventional romance unfolds as the girl tries to get his attention.

World Premiere

Do You Like Me Like This? had it’s World Premiere at Show Me Shorts Film Festival 2017. From almost 2,000 submissions from around the world, the “quirky bus-stop romance” played in this Academy-Award Accredited short film festival, at more than 25 cinema locations around New Zealand.

Film Festivals Around The World

Do You Like Me Like This? played in Los Angeles at the Hollywood Short Film FestivalVail Film Festival in Colorado and was an award winner at IndieFest 2018.


Do You Like Me Like This? is an abstract, comedy short film from first time writer-director Miryam Jacobi.

DYLMLT was shot with a skeleton crew in a bus stop in suburban Auckland, and features rising star Tim Earl (The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, Riding in Cars with Mostly Straight Boys) and Ella Hope-Higginson (The Stolen, Defending JJ Mac).

Earl and Hope-Higginson have worked together before on several shows (and even went trained at Toi Whakaari NZ Drama School together), and were the “perfect pair” to portray the characters in this coming of age film which explores desire, attraction and experimentation.

Miryam Jacobi said, “As soon as I had Ella and Tim in mind, the script came to life in a whole new way. Ella’s mischievous, wild yet doll-like quality was the key to capturing the complexity of her character’s journey from girl to woman.”

The film also features an original composition from musician and sound designer Te Aihe Butler (BOYS).

“Te Aihe’s sound was the missing link. The mix of old-school sounds with modern pops really creates an ‘otherworldy’ feel and suspends the reality of the film. And it’s not like the music only comes in key moments – it’s present throughout the whole film. In some ways it’s closer to a music video than a short film,” says producer Jack Barry.

Of her debut short film, Jacobi says, “At its heart, Do You Like Like This? is a coming of age story about a young girl figuring out her power as a woman. That time in your life when you test the waters, play with different personas and use all manner of tactics to get noticed.

“I sometimes get angry thinking how much time women spend trying to be someone or something somebody else would desire or approve of. Yet, at the same time, I wanted to explore what a joy it can be to be a woman.”

"Do You Like Me Like This" was shot in a bus stop in Auckland, New Zealand.
“Do You Like Me Like This” was shot in a bus stop in Auckland, New Zealand
Tim Earl & Ella Hope-Higginson star in 2113 Creatives debut short film "Do You Like Me Like This?"
Tim Earl & Ella Hope-Higginson star in 2113 Creatives debut short film “Do You Like Me Like This?”

Writer/director Miryam Jacobi
Producers Jack Barry & Miryam Jacobi
Girl Ella Hope-Higginson
Boy Tim Earl
Director of Photography Jack Barry
Editor Jack Barry
Assistant Director Sara Stone
Continuity Hannah Grace
First AC Joshua Cramond
Sound Operator Conor Bowden
Gaffer Jacob Dale
Safety Brian Scowcroft and Stephen Jacobi
Unit Helen Jacobi and Louise Barry
Onset photographer Sacha Stejko
Graphic designer Olivia Mahood
With special thanks to Becky Moon, Jacobi Consulting, Screen Auckland, Auckland Transport