The Actors’ Program provides the tools actors and directors need to be effective practitioners in the challenging and exciting world of stage and screen.

The Actors’ Program: Nelson

The Actors’ Program offers New Zealand’s aspiring actors and directors a foot in the door of their chosen profession by some of the nation’s leading performers and teachers. 2113 Creatives was commissioned to produce a narrative short film and mentor director Rebekah Tyler.


1 narrative short film (10 mins running time)


“I think that the film we made is beautiful and evocative, especially considering it was shot in one day, working with children, with the weather against us and me having a broken leg! 2113 Creatives’ cinematic style focused on creating an authentic portrayal of the characters within the world of the narrative. Most importantly, Jack and Miryam really captured the complex relationship of mother and son within a simple story. ” – Rebekah Tyler, student director


16-year-old Nelson plays parent to his young siblings, trying to maintain a stable family life whilst managing the erratic behaviour of his alcoholic mother.  Starring Romy Hooper and Jack Tyler, NELSON is a personal story about the impact alcoholism has on young children. At its heart, this film asks the question, how much longer can I stand to love you?