“New Zealand’s Everest is mental health. We have the courage to take on the world, and yet our youth suicide statistics show us we’ve dropped the ball. Mitey is designed to help turn these figures around. Mitey is an exciting way to teach our kids about their mental health – and those of others – at school, every day.”

Sir John kirwan

Sir John Kirwan Foundation: Mitey

Designed for NZ children, Mitey supports schools to deliver an evidence based approach to mental health education for Years 1- 8. The last few years have brought increased awareness of the alarming number of children experiencing mental health issues in New Zealand. Teachers know that anxious and unhappy children find it difficult to learn. If children are mentally and emotionally healthy they are better equipped to face the challenges life brings.


1x hero video

2x marketing videos

5x internal teaching videos

4x animations from children’s books


“Working with 2113 was a delight.  They were both professional and thoughtful, providing advice and insight to ensure we ended up with a workable product that suited perfectly our anticipated audience.  I recommend you engage 2113 asap before everyone else realises how talented they are.” – Nikki Flexman CEO of the Sir John Kirwan Foundation


Teachers, parents and experts all agree. Mental health education has never been more crucial for our children. It was a privilege to work with the SJK team from early development stages on this project, recently launched on their new website. From marketing content, to internal teaching resources and even animating the pages of some of Aotearoa’s beloved children’s books, we were able to flex a range of storytelling skills to deliver a multilayered suite of content.


Mophead by Selina Tusitala Marsh, published by Auckland University Press

Aroha’s Way by Craig Phillips, published by Wilding Books