Sitting across from creative twosomes who are always bigger than the sum of their parts, Sarah Krieg yarns with guests about how they met, their latest projects, and how they make the most of each other’s weaknesses.

About this episode:

Jack Barry and Miryam Jacobi of 2113 Creatives were meant to be in New York by now.

Alas. A car fire, Covid and a concussion have sparked a great re-framing for this cute creative couple. They’re staying here for the time being, and doing their best in a media industry that has way more hoops than open doors.

They tell me about teenage Miryam’s choice of hair colour, and the sexiest thing about high expectations. We wax lyrical about the importance of humanising ourselves and talk about Jack’s artistic burnout.

They’re fast tracking themselves into projects that fuel their excitement, and in this episode I get to be their third wheel.

About this podcast:

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