Jack Barry & Miryam Jacobi lead the 2113 team, honing a wealth of expertise in front and behind the lens. With a diverse slate across commercial, film, television and content – they work as creative partners with clients, agencies and funders to dream up ambitious and beautiful ways to solve problems and tell stories. 

Jack Barry, Director + Cinematographer I Visual Storyteller

I like telling stories. Really like telling stories. I’m a deep-thinker, risk-taker and sitting on the edge of my comfort zone is what I’m all about. I love to push creative boundaries and people’s perceptions of what good storytelling is. I’ve been immersed in the acting, film and television world for nearly a decade. I studied at Toi Whakaari drama school and devoted myself to being at the forefront of both acting and filmmaking.

Drama school opened doors for me behind the lens, and I quickly developed a passion for the camera, ‘geeking out’ over lighting rigs and equipment, and immersing myself in the visual elements of storytelling. My venture into 2113 Creatives, which is centred on developing and delivering responsive visual storytelling, was a natural step. Career highlights include working on local and international films and shows such as Sweet Tooth, Black Hands, Shortland Street, The Wilds, The Tank, Breckman Rodeo, Power Rangers, The Gulf, Kura and more.

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Miryam Jacobi, Director + Producer I Visual Storyteller

I am a visual storyteller and creative strategist. Graduating from Toi Whakaari – I always wanted to forge a career pathway that embedded my passion to push the boundaries, build empathy and deliver difference. My work as a storyteller and publicist, sharpened my focus and resulted in the co-founding of 2113 Creatives.

As a director and producer, I thrive on collaboration, relishing any opportunity to tell a story – be it documentary, video content, commercial, feature film or music video. Highlights of my filmmaking career to-date, include second unit directing on Amazon’s Don’t Make Me Go, creating the highly-acclaimed NZ On Air funded documentary Disorder, alongside producing and directing commercial content for much-loved NZ brands and charities including Sir John Kirwan Foundation, APL, Fonterra, Look Good Feel Better NZ, The Organic Food Shop, Eden Park, Auckland Theatre Company, Diabetes NZ and more.

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What’s in a name?

In the year of 1995, a young family of three moved into a house in South Auckland, in Papakura to be exact.

Many people came to this house, they would have tea and coffee, food and conversations.

Often it was a place to rest their head. 

When it came time to leave the people visiting would not want to.

These people would speak of the incredible conversations they had, how they figured out their problems, that they are going to chase their dreams, and sometimes how they leave feeling more challenged. 

This little house slowly, over the years transformed into a Whare Wananga (a place of higher learning).

The postal code for this house is 2113. 

This is the house where Jack was raised. 

This is the house where people grow.

This is the house where people challenge.

This is the house where people question.

This is the house where people risk.

This is the house where people believe.

This is why we are 2113 Creatives.

If we can create an environment which holds space for all of the above, then we are doing something right.